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25th June 2012

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Xtratherm launches – a new website dedicated to its innovative and unique range of Full Fill Built-in Wall insulation.

Xtratherm’s CavityTherm is a pioneering product with a unique profiled facing that avoids thermal bridging, directing any moisture that might have penetrated the external wall down the protecting facing and back onto the external leaf. The high performance composite PIR board also includes specifically designed rebated edge detailing on all four edges to allow the system to tightly interlock when installed. An extensive range of accessories to insulate junctions at corners and cavity trays means CavityTherm not only delivers unrivalled U-values, but also continuity of the insulation system to give exceptional thermal bridging Y-values. The website also provides comprehensive information on thermal bridging certified performance and how to calculate Y-values.

The new website is a resource centre for architects, builders and contractors, giving them all the information they need about CavityTherm in the context of today’s building requirements. This includes downloadable brochures, information on Thermal Bridging, full specification clause, BBA certification and extensive CAD downloads. Visitors can also see videos of CavityTherm’s unique features and benefits, Cavity Tray Channel and detailing.

Technical Manager Danny Kearney comments: “It was important for us that the site not only highlighted the uniqueness of CavityTherm but also the key standards and regulations that demand higher performing products to meet the necessary targets. The Government’s 2016 Carbon Zero target, the new Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES), the Code for Sustainable Homes 4-6 and 2013 Part L are all part of a drive to improve the overall energy efficiency of buildings.

“Xtratherm’s CavityTherm wall insulation is a practical, affordable solution to low energy design and insulation continuity based on traditional methods of construction”, continues Danny. “It meets all the necessary standards of today and tomorrow, achieving U-values as low as 0.15W/m2K in a 150mm cavity with enhanced jointing and detailing to meet FEES.”


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