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Wellbeing at Unilin

Our Commitment to Employee Health and Wellbeing

KeepWell Award

We have achieved the KeepWell Mark, an award that shows our commitment to improving all areas of employee health and wellbeing. KeepWell sets a series of standards in eight key areas and how they impact on our team in Unilin Insulation

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The Workplace Wellbeing Charter

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How we use our policies and practices to create a working environment that is conducive to health.

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Absence Management

We have developed a bio enhanced insulation range that minimises building operational energy, reduces material usage, and allows for the stringent embodied carbon targets of RIBA’s Climate 2030 Challenge.

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Smoke Free

The ways in which we can encourage staff to be smoke-­free and healthier.

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Physical Activity

How we actively promote the importance and benefits of regular physical activity and create opportunities for all our staff to become involved.

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Health & Safety

How we monitor and improve health and safety in our work place.

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Mental Health*

How we protect and promote the mental wellbeing of our full team, including appropriate policies, management training, and offer support mechanisms.

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Healthy Eating

The ways in which we can actively encourage and enable us all to eat more healthily.

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How we respond to and provide solutions for problematic use of intoxicants.

Over 30 years of Expertise & Innovation

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. That’s a big part of our lives, at Unilin we are committed to making those hours as pleasant as we possibly can and enjoy the company of our fellow team members.  We’ve adopted the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, the accreditation standard that is built on best practice, the latest research and business sense. The Workplace Wellbeing Charter’s mission is to seamlessly embed workplace wellbeing into every aspect of an organisation


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