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At Unilin Insulation, our working values of excellence,
passion, entrepreneurship and respect are inherent.

The ethos of ‘More than Insulation’ demonstrates our commitment to quality product, market leading service and a partnership approach with industry professionals and students alike. It demonstrates our commitment to deliver a more sustainably minded construction sector, where environmental considerations are an urgent priority.

For over 30 years Xtratherm has been proudly serving the Irish construction industry. From 2023 we will continue to do so under our new name ‘Unilin Insulation’.

Eight years in the making, this change marks our evolution to one of Europe’s largest PIR insulation manufacturers and to a global supplier of building products to the construction industry.

As Unilin Insulation we are now joining over eight thousand of our colleagues across 105 locations in a cohesive effort to deliver more on effective specification, sustainability and compliance.

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Every aspect of Unilin Insulation operates with a sustainability first mindset. We have always been mindful of our impact on the environment, and we endeavour to act and invest in ways of working that reduce harm and instead have a positive impact on communities. As part of Unilin Group, we deliver more by combining efforts to reduce our environmental impact under the ONEHOME strategy.

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Unilin Insulation Sustainability Protecting Forests

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Customer Support

Great customer experience is our priority and our Support Teams have been created around the needs of our customers. Our team of specialists from sales management, logistics, supply chain, finance and technical support is there to ensure that no matter what your requirements are, you will get the best experience from start to finish. These groups of individuals are committed to understanding your business requirements and our skilled and knowledgeable team is highly motivated towards fulfilling those needs.

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Customers are at the core of our business. We deliberately bring our frontline sales, specification and technical teams together to work to fuel our industry partners’ business growth and to help create a truly sustainable business for all. We work to empower you, our partner network, with the expertise to confidently specify, sell and install our products effectively and efficiently, resulting in more sustainable buildings for all.

At Unilin Insulation, we realise there are both challenges and opportunities presented by the drive for a sustainable construction sector. It will not be easy. Strong alliances and co-operation between manufacturers, supply chain, designers and contractors will be required. We commit to work with our industry partners in traditional and modular construction sectors to develop products and solutions to improve circularity in both materials and buildings.

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We are dedicated to the improvement of knowledge and understanding of thermal performance.

Our Discovery Hub initiative provides resources designed to assist learning about best practice building methods, insulation and sustainability through both online and face-to-face training.

Our core value of sustainability permeates as we strive to work with those in the industry and in education to help insulate buildings efficiently and protect the environment in which we all live.

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